If you feel unsafe or know someone who feels unsafe, please report it here. After you fill out the form below, See Tell Now sends an email to a school administrator with all of the details from your report. You can also download one of our apps from the Apple Store or the Android Marketplace to submit a report.

If your school does not show up when typing the name in the field below then type “School Not Enrolled” for the school name. Please add the name of your school in the tip description.

Call: 888-593-2835
  • Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation at school
  • Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation outside of school
  • Cyberbullying; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Fights, drugs, alcohol or weapons at school
  • Friends who talk about hurting themselves
Include first name, last name and grade if known.

Attachments may be submitted on the following page.

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